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My name is Bernardo Per Fredrik Pebaqué, I am a man from Småland/Sweden living in Oslo/Norway. 
All the drawings here are unique originals made by my own hand. 
Each artwork takes about 6-8 hours to finish.

How do I create my art?
I often start drawing the basic structures from a picture or from my mind using a graphite pencil(blyertz) after that I use color markers and let my creativity free.
While drawing, time and space disappeares, I relax and create at the same time. I love it and the final result is never known until I finish.

The size of the drawings are A3(h 29,6 cm/ w 41,9cm). I draw with different brands of color markers on drawing paper from Clas Ohlson.

Life is short and our time very precious, so I appreciate the time you take to explore my artwork.
Hope you relax and enjoy the art!  

If you feel like buying something I will send it to you safely in a small protective box, different shipping fees for different countries. 
Frame is not included, just the drawing. 
Contact me if you live around Oslo and want to pick up your product here. 
I share my art here for you who visit, let me know if you have any questions! 
Email is below, I am on insta and fb also.

More about me: 
I work part time at a dairy, the rest of the time I draw, explore, study and make the best out of life for me and my surroundings. 
One step at the time with Respect, Love and Faith. 
I speak English, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian.  

Thank you for your visit, I wish you all the best!
Bernardo Per Fredrik Pebaqué.

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